The Good Samaritan

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The Parable that Jesus told in Luke10:25-37 was about a man who stopped to help a stranger who was attacked and robbed on the street, while two previous people who saw him ignored his need for help.  Well, a few weeks ago while on his way to get his morning coffee, a man noticed the tread on someone's tire was worn down to the point where the wire was exposed.  As he approached the counter to order his coffee, he asked who owned that particular vehicle.  The manager spoke up and said it belonged to her.  The man said, "I have two tires you can use." She stated that she didn't have the money to pay him and could not leave work to have the tires put on.  The man said, "I will do it for you when I get off work and don't worry about paying me."  Later that day, the man went back to the restaurant, got her keys and drove her car to the shop to have two tires put on. When he returned the car to the manager, he stated that now he doesn't have to worry about her safety on the road. The manager was astonished and overwhelmed with gratitude.
New Tires!
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